How To Make Career in Blogging ? - Techno Raman

we are going to discuss how you can start blogging as a career and is blogging is a good career option or not

Today in this article, we are going to discuss how you can start blogging as a career and is blogging is a good career option or not so let's get started. you can start building your career by joining the blogging world.

How To Make Career in Blogging ? - Techno Raman

There are many ways to start blogging. The first step is to create a blog on any of the popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc.

You can also create an account with Facebook or Twitter and start posting updates about your blog. You can also promote your blog on social media by using hashtags related to the niche you write about and post links back to your blog so that people can find it.

The most important part is coming up with a catchy title for your blog which explains what you write about in six words or less.

These are some tips which I have explained in detail below in this article.

  1. Do not follow anyone
  2. Work on a single domain
  3. Be patient I have seen many newbies
  4. Ad networks
  5. What Skills Do You Need To Be A Successful Blogger?

    In this digital world most people have a desktop or mobile phone with them and there are many ways to earn money online blogging is one of them so if you want to start blogging as a career then you must have a laptop or desktop with you anyhow you can do blogging by mobile phone as well but it won't be much effective in simple terms it won't give the results you want so having a laptop is must-start blogging as a career you have to focus on this five-point which I'm going to discuss further in this video trust me if you apply this five points no one is going to stop you from being successful in blogging.

    Do not follow anyone

    don't follow anyone in blogging instead of following learn from them if you'll follow anyone they will try to make money from you and rest no one shares their secret of earning so I'll suggest not to follow anyone learn how they are posting content have a look at their website structure and navigations designs etc these all things will help you and give you an idea of your website structure while you will create your own.

    Work on a single domain

    If you are a newbie and you are working on three to four domains then your hard work gets divided into three to four parts so instead of that you should work on a single domain and put all your effort into a single website this will increase the chances of your success in blogging put your 90 percent effort into keyword research selecting a perfect niche and turn the personal effort in choosing a perfect domain name because domain name shows your professionalism.

    Be patient I have seen many newbies

    start blogging and for four to five months they do a lot of hard work but still, they don't see the results and eventually they quit in blogging you'll require a lot of patience it takes time and effort to set up a blog index it and make it popular among people so be patient give you 100 on attracting visitors once you start getting good traffic then you can apply to AdSense and start earning out of it but again remember it takes a lot of time and effort to start earning through a blog.

    Be unique when it comes to content

    you always have to be unique in this part do not ever copy-paste any other blogger's blog because it will directly impact your ranking and your blog may get suspended so do some keyword research and post unique content consistently because consistency is the key to success in blogging at the same time if you are buying a plug-in or a theme for your website then you must buy the original one because a cracked version can damage the SEO or it can harm your website in many ways so always buy original stuff.

    Ad networks

    once you've created a website keep posting unique content and as soon as you start getting huge traffic get your AdSense account approved or you can place ad base on your niche these two are the primary methods of earning in blogging if your content is related to any product reviews then you can start affiliate marketing blogging can be a great career option if done perfectly many people in blogging get less traffic but their earning rate is very high just because of their niche and strategies if you also come up with some new strategies then no one can stop you from succeeding in blogging field.

    A Few Tips To Help You Reach Your Blogging Goals

    Want to start blogging but do not understand which article to write, then let me tell you. You can be in many subjects like fashion, grooming, tech but you have to choose what you know how to do. Ask yourself the biggest question why do you want to start blogging, fame, money, side income or I want a job. 

    What Skills Do You Need To Be A Successful Blogger?

    • Be More Personal With Your Reader
    • Use Of Paragraphs For A Successful Blog
    • Use Subheadings
    • Write a Conclusion
    • Cite Your Information
    • Provide A Solution Become A Successful Blogger


    Okay so that's all for today's article if you want us to keep posting such useful content related to blogging then please do not forget to share our article.

    Tip 💡: To write SEO-friendly long-form content, select each section heading along with keywords and use the "Paragraph" option from the ribbon.

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