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the top 5 mistakes that beginners make while making a blogger. top 5 blogging mistakes-most beginner bloggers make

Today we are going to talk about the top 5 mistakes that beginners make while making a blogger, which we have written in the below 5 points and they have also been explained in detail, so let's start.

Top 5 Mistakes Every Beginning Blogger Makes - Techno Raman

Here are the 5 steps which are explained in detail below.

  1. Not choosing a proper niche
  2. Not doing keyword research
  3. Not choosing a proper domain
  4. Blogging inconsistently
  5. Give up too early

Not choosing a proper niche

This is one of the mistakes that almost every beginner does that is not choosing a perfect niche for their blog I'll give you my example to explain this when I entered in this field I was literally unaware that on what topic I should start making blogs so I went through some forums and saw that people were talking about websites some were saying that write about weight loss and use of coffee for more traffic because weight loss keyword was trending at that time so I started a website named as the solution of cellulite and started posting contents on the website but problem was that I was not aware of what content to post because I was literally not interested in that feel I was just following the trends I worked very hard for 8 to 9 months on that website but at last, there was no results hardly I used to get traffic off 100 to 200 people monthly my website failed just because I was not aware of all that weight loss related stuff and so I was not able to help my audience with my content after this failure I figured out what I was interested in so i started coding and creating templates for website then I started getting good results so I just want to tell you that do not follow the trend choose a perfect niche in which you are interested a blog mesh is a specific topic on which you will write or create content for your blog every blogger's main aim is to attract visitor if you'll start a niche blog then you will definitely cater the specific part of the audience but later on you can start earning by promoting any products related to your niche to select the proper niche first you will need to figure out your own interests and skills then you need to find the problem that you're targeted customers are experiencing and then determine whether you can actually solve them with your skills or not.

Not doing keyword research

Keyword research is simply the process of finding out the words that generate more traffic towards your website from search engines like google many of the new beginners makes the same mistake of not doing keyword research did you know why your blog is struggling out to get more traffic even after posting good content regularly it might be mostly because you post content without keyword research as I told you I started blogging on high competition keywords like weight loss which unfortunately gave me no success you have to search for the keywords which are less competitive and high CPC, CPC means cost per click it takes a lot of time to find a perfect keyword so don't get demotivated too early

Not choosing a proper domain

Many of the newbies start their blogs without a custom domain which is good for learning but if you want to make a professional website then you must invest in buying a perfect domain related to your business or your blog because no one takes you seriously unless and until you have a custom domain so choosing a domain name can be one of the most important steps in establishing your brand or your business because your domain is the first impression of your website and make sure you make it best your domain name should reflect your brand or your niche so that it can help you out to gain recognization and increase visitors to your website your domain should be related to your content and if you are planning for a long term then you must go for the dot com domain because dot com domain is best for branding globally.

Blogging inconsistently

One of the biggest reasons why people visit your blog is because of the fresh content they get to read on your site every day if you will be inconsistent on your blog then it may affect your blog and you may see zero traffic planning your blog content is not only beneficial in keeping your blog updated but also allows the search engine to index your site frequently also it has been said that consistency is the key to success so be consistent with your content I have seen many bloggers getting no traffic initially but within 2-3 years they got huge traffic to their website just because of their consistency.

Give up too early

Most of the newbies come into the blogging field by looking at the earning stats of other bloggers and give up too early as they don't see the results that they imagine also they create content on high competition keywords and end up getting demotivated because their blogs do not get ranked unless and until you are extremely lucky it takes time to get indexed by google and also it depends on your content so instead of getting demotivated work hard on your content SEO keyword research and also the design of your website.


So these were the five mistakes that most of the newbies to blogging make, so if you are also a newbie then make sure you do not repeat any of them. Well, that's all in today's article, if you think that this post was helpful for you and you want us to keep posting such useful content related to blogging and tech, then share this article with your friends. If there is any deficiency in this article or if you have any advice, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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