How to Create and Sell Your NFTs - The easiest way

How are NFTs working? Who is making? Who's selling? Why is he selling? What is NFTs? How are NFTs working?

So recently, this picture sold for $532 million, and this $69 million, and this monkey picture for $2.7 million. So, I asked my dad a picture of a monkey being sold online Would you like to buy it? Not much, it's only for $3 million. Actually, he was wondering, why should I buy $3 million off the internet? do you think I'm crazy? Instead, I'd love to download it or take a screenshot if I want! And to be honest, if you ask this question to a common man, then the answer will be the same, so many people have such confusion!

  • How are NFTs working? 
  • Who is making it? 
  • Who's selling? 
  • Why is he selling? 
  • Why are those who buy it at such an expensive rate? 
  • And what will the buyer do after buying it? 
  • So who is building the NFT system? and how? 
  • How can you make and earn money? 
  • And how can you make a bunch of profits after diving into the trend? 

All these questions will be discussed in this article but before that make sure to read the whole post because all the steps are interconnected if you skip ahead then all the previous steps will be missed, and you will not understand what is happening Is! So let's start by understanding NFT.

What are NFTs? How are NFTs working? And More...

NFT means non-fungible token, non-fungible token means it cannot be exchanged! If you and I have a $100, and we both have exchanged the notes, the value will remain the same but this cannot be done in the NFT system. You cannot exchange NFT to NFT, T stands for token and in this case, the token can be authorized. What is the proof in this world that the picture downloaded on your phone is yours? no proof! Real talk tokens can validate this. Everyone on the internet has to assume that that special thing is yours. Hence, NFT can be in any form - JPEG, PNG, GIF, Video, any digitally created thing can be NFT whenever we deal in any NFT or buy it, NFT remains unchanged only buyer The name is added so that everyone knows this particular item (NFT) belongs to this person. Similarly, we have special markets for NFTs because we have 'Amazon' to buy/sell stuff. Some famous examples: WazirX, Enjin, OpenC, Raible; You must have heard about them. To understand this better, let's see the interface of their panel. So this is the WazirX platform, so if you go to 'Discover', you will get to sell all the digitally created stuff created and uploaded by different people, owners' names,s and prices below NFT Mentioned here you can get cheap stuff as well as an expensive item for example, if I choose this video named 'Malamal Silver' So, here it is a 3-D model of a card. Let's say, if I ask a 3-D graphic designer for such a model, how much money will he charge? $50, $100, $500; no more than that? But if you look here, you will see "Minted by @artisticsauvik" and then listed for 1.5 BNB (BNB is Coin) The price of this model is 541.76 USD. It was listed on 25 February. But just a week later, a different user '@pratikkaduart' bought the model at the listed price. So whenever someone opens it the whole history will be listed; Whoever buys it, at what price, etc. Nothing is hidden. Another advantage is that the creator of these NFTs receives a 'royalty' while uploading it depends on the user whether he wants royalty or not. ; 2%, 5% or amount set by the creator and very beneficial for the creators.

So 3-D designers, graphic designers, character animators, VFX artists, and other professionals could definitely work in it. My Brother is also a Graphic Designer, for some time now, I have been suggesting he invest in NFTs as well as it is a trend, and in a trend "trend is your best friend", clear to the early bidders Definitely an advantage. And that's why this is the right time if you want to create something like this digitally. So this is a good chance for you, so this was the explanation.

Now let's see a tutorial, if you want to get started how can you do it? So first of all, you will need a wallet named "Metamask" you can easily download it with your required option then this Windows will appear, 'Welcome to Metamask'

  • You can click 'Get started'
  • You have to create a new wallet

So 'agree' here, and create a strong rememberable password and remember there is no option to "forgot password", so keep your password safe with you, so here you will see a button "Reveal secret words" Click on" As soon as you see 8-10 words on your screen, save these words by taking a screenshot or writing anywhere because if you have forgotten your password, this phrase will be required. systems change; It may be because of Windows failure or something else that you can't reconnect to your wallet before entering this phrase so, of course, this is very important. It is totally a blockchain-based system, and so Ethereum is used here, most of the transactions are in Ethereum you can see the panel here, you can also change your name by going to account details, so now if you are using wazirx or go to any other website, you must connect your wallet; Whether you are on WazirX, OpenC, etc.; But metamask wallet is a must now go to a platform called opensea suppose if I want to sell something first go to profile then select metamask and connect your wallet.

then a default account will be created where you can edit your details enter photos, And you have to approve everything you're changing Once you've set up the profile it will show how much you've made? How much did you collect?

Suppose you want to make NFT. So you have to upload your channel logo in image form after that, here is an optional external link

Basically, if I have created any page/website related to this then you can upload it. Before buying buyer can get some more information about it anything if you want to write in the description then you can do.

If you want to create a kind of playlist that you can create by using the archive option and here is one of the options that I like, unlockable content let's say I put it to sell and someone buys it like someone will buy it; This NFT will be his, but with the NFT he will also get more information that I will provide. Like I can provide 5-10 minutes video making logo as a gift, Or a handwritten note or something after that it will ask which blockchain service do you want to use? Ethereum or Polygon?

So as you will select the option and make it your item will be created and listed on the website. As you can see on your screen while creating that it is listed with the given name. Now suppose, you want to sell it then you will click on the sell button. So it will ask do you want to have a fixed price or auction? So here you can type how much amount you want in Ethereum! Let's say you want 0.01 ETH which is equal to $33 and after that, you can set the duration as well; 1 day, 7 days, or whatever time, after which it will automatically be sold to the highest bidder. The service fee is listed at 2.5%, since NFTs will be sold, OpenC will keep 2.5% from the sold price. Click on Complete Listing Now Do it And this is where the real conversation begins If you look carefully, it's preventing you from listing the item by showing you that the gas charge owed you $236

So what is the gas fee?

All of these networks charge a 'gas fee' if we want to mint our item for sale but you can also do it for free by going to the edit section of your item and scrolling down, and in the Blockchain area, select Polygon instead of Ethereum. Now you can save it, and try to sell it everything else is the same, but now as soon as you click on 'Complete Listing'; Then you will see the box. unlock currency; After that this type of request will pop up, you have to sign it.

As soon as you click it will take approx 8-10 seconds to complete the process What is it? And you have to be creative with your digital art to get you the highest price. So now the currency is unlocked, and we also have to sign another message and finally, you can see, that it is mentioned above "Your NFT is listed" So as soon as you click on it, you can see that it is listed. You will also see the Buy Now option there, for you it will be blocked because you will only be signed in with your account and you can also buy it for $33 dollars.

So while telling all this, I remembered an incident. In the early days of the Internet, there was a person who made his website under the name Pixel. He sold each pixel of his website for $1. All the companies I put up for sale in the U.S. went crazy after it and they understood that this was the future of online advertising. All the companies were behind taking the biggest spot in that box by paying $1-1. And by the end of it, the guy got $1 million; But the companies which invested there did not get any return of money. From this, it is understood that whoever sells the idea makes more money. So right one idea is being sold to us, lots of people are collecting it so they can use it in the metaverse. Now there is no shortage of amateurs, we are going to create here so that after making, we can sell things. So with positive thinking, you can enter this field.

I hope to my readers that they must have come to know about NFT after reading this article, so please share this article with your author and keep your point by commenting.

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